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By supplements for Back Pain, I mean Natural Supplements like Vitamins, Herbs, or any type of natural ingredients that are mixed together & put into pill, capsule or spray form.  This does not include pharmaceuticals of any kind.


I’ve listed everything on this page in alphabetical order.  Keep checking back as I will be adding to this page as I discover more supplements for chronic back pain.   If you don’t have time to keep checking back, join my NEWSLETTERWith any kind of pain relief supplements, what works for one, might not work for everyone.





1.  CBD Oil
2.  Collagen
3.  Hean-n-Soothe
4.  Magnesium
5.  Vitamin D




CBD comes in many forms & strengths.  It has all sorts of benefits, but I’ll just talk about pain relief.  The first thing a person wants when they have back pain is to get rid of the pain & fast.


Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a great alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers.  The big difference with CBD is, it’s not addictive.


You can read my article about the 16 Benefits, Side Effects & Dangers of CBD to see if it’s something you’d like to try.  I’ll also give you the 3 best CBD products on the market today, the dosage you should try & the studies done on CBD for Pain Relief.  To read more, click the link below.





Collagen SupplementsCOLLAGEN


Collagen can come in pill form, capsules, liquid or Powder.  Collagen isn’t just for pain relief.  In my review, I’ve listed 10 types of health conditions it helps to heal & repair.


It’s great to get rid of the pain in the beginning but you also need something that will help to heal & repair your back.  Collagen helps to repair.  I’ve been using it for years to keep my back pain free, healthy & strong.


In my review, I’ve listed 5 types of collagen & what health condition each one is for.  I’ve also listed the side effects, studies done on it & where to get the best price.  To read my detailed review, click the link below.







Heal n Soothe, made in the USA, contains 12 natural ingredients for pain relief.  It’s not just for back pain but other types of pain too.


What I like about Heal N Soothe is that it doesn’t contain any GMO’s or animal derivatives. What Heal n Soothe does is reduce the pain by reducing the inflammation & swelling so the body can start to heal itself


I’ve done a detailed report on the ingredients of Heal-n-soothe, how it works, 10 types of diseases it helps, benefits, side effects, who shouldn’t take it & when is the best time of day to take the supplement.


To get more information, click the link below.





Types Magnesium SupploementsMAGNESIUM


Magnesium can be used in spray, pill or liquid form.  This is one mineral you have to be careful with.  If you don’t buy the right type of magnesium, it could have a laxative effect.


Magnesium affects so many areas of your body & most people are deficient in it.  Your chronic back pain can be caused by nerve problems, stiff & aching muscles, muscle cramps or other problems.  Being deficient in magnesiom could be causeing some of these problems.


In my review on Magnesium, I’ve included 18 symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency, 16 diseases Magnesium deficiency can effect, side effects, who shouldn’t take it and what type of magnesium to look for.  To read mr detailed article, click the link below.







There’s a lot more to know about Vitamin D besides the fact people call it the sunshine vitamin.  Like many other vitamins, you can purchase it in pill, liquid or spray form.


Not only can Vitamin D deficiency cause back pain, it can also cause your bones to be porous, your muscles to weaken and can increase your chance of having a fracture.


Vitamin D has many benefits.  In the article I wrote, I’ve listed 8 benefits of taking Vitamin D, 7 symptoms to look for if you think you’re deficient in the vitamin,  4 diseases it can help, symptoms of taking too much, side effects, a list of foods that contain Vitamin D, the dosage you should take & what time of day you should take vitamin D.  For more information click the link below.





If you’ve found any other supplements that have helped you with your Back Pain, let us know by answering a few questions on our Contact Page.  If you’ve tried any of the Supplements I’ve listed above, tell us about your experience.


Thanks for dropping by Lower Back Pain Alternatives to read my article on Supplements.



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