Inflammation PH Balance & Back Pain

Inflammation PH Balance and Back PainInflammation, PH Balance, and Back Pain go hand-in-hand.  If your PH Balance is low, it could be one of the reasons you’re experiencing back pain.


Did you know that a lot of bone fractures are caused by people having a low PH balance?


If you have Lower Back Pain, you have inflammation. If you have inflammation, your body’s PH Balance could be out of balance.


First, you have to find out what’s causing the inflammation.  Is it your PH balance or is it something else?  That’s the purpose of this article.


Always keep in mind, the more you decrease the inflammation in your back, the quicker your back heals.  The quicker your back heals, the less pain you have.

1.  Stomach Acid Symptoms (Acidosis)

2.  How to tell if you PH Balance is causing your back pain

3.  3 P’s To Eliminate To Decrease Back Pain

4.  10 Ways Metabolic Acidosis Destroys Your Body

5.  Herbal Remedies & Exercises For Inflammation




The best way to tell if your body has low acid levels is using the home acid test.  I’ve given the instructions, on how to do this, further on in my  article.  Until then, if you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms, it might be a good idea to check your body’s PH level.  Always remember, just because you have one or two of the symptoms listed below, doesn’t mean your body has a low PH Balance.


Back Pain
Joint Pain & Aching Muscles
Rectal Itching
Heart Burn
Chronic Fatigue


Keep in mind; the above are just some of the symptoms.



The lower you PH Balance is, the more acidic your body is.  It usually has less oxygen too.  When your body is acidic (acidosis) it causes inflammation in your back.  If you have chronic inflammation, your back won’t heal.  That’s one of the reasons you have back pain.


To make sure your PH Balance isn’t one of the reasons you’re experiencing back pain, take a home test for low stomach acid.  It’s cheap & you can do it yourself.




Purchase some Litmus Paper Strips from your drug store.  You can either use them to do the saliva test or the urine test.  It’s best to check your PH Balance first thing in the morning.  The best time is an hour before you eat.


SALIVA TEST –  Don’t eat, drink or brush your teeth before the test.  First, rinse your mouth with water & spit it out into the sink.  Try spitting one more time.  Second, spit into a spoon.  Now take the litmus paper & dip it into the saliva.  The paper will turn a different color.  Match the color of the test strip with the chart provided on the back of the package.

The idea reading for a saliva test should be between 7 and 7.5


URINE TEST  This is actually the best way of check your body’s PH balance.  There are two ways of taking a urine acid test.  You can either urinate on the paper or collect the urine in a paper cup. If you collect it in a cup, you have to dip the paper into the urine so it turns color.  For the greatest accuracy, do the test as soon as you get out of bed in the morning.  Compare the color of the litmus strip with the chart on the back of the package you bought it in.

The idea urine reading should be between 6.5 and 7.5.




Metabolic Acidosis is when you have too much acid in your body fluids.  If you have too much acid, your PH balance reading will be low.  In other words, your body is known to be ACIDIC.


When your body is acidic, it neutralizes the acid by leaching calcium, magnesium, potassium & sodium from your bones.  In time the acid will slowly eat away at your bones.  It could eventually cause them to fracture.  I’m sure you’ve heard of people fracturing their hip or fracturing a vertebra in their spine causing SEVER BACK PAIN.




Having a low PH Balance inflames your joints and can cause your cartilage to erode. Along with that, it can cause the following 10 health issues:


Severe Bone Loss
Severe Back Pain
Strips Your Body Of Important Minerals
Promotes Thinner Bones
Causes Low Muscle Mass
Bone Fractures
Joint Pain
Blocks Your Body From Absorbing Vitamins
Degenerative Diseases




7 Top Alkaline Foods To Decrease Back PainThe rule of thumb I follow is staying away from the 3 P’s as much as I can. The 3 P’s are:

1.  Processed Foods

2.  Packaged Foods

3.  PreparedFoods

These foods are usually acidic & will increase the inflammation in your back.


No, you don’t have to eliminate them completely.  For the next month, try to remove as many acidic foods as possible.  You’ll see a difference.


List Of Acidic Foods


Try to stay away from the following foods as much as possible. The following are the top acidic foods in each group.


Meat – Beef, Pork or Veal

Dairy – Pasteurized Milk, Processed cheese or cream

Drinks – Beer, Black tea, or Hard liquor

Condiments: Mustard, Soy sauce, or vinegar

Oils – Butter, Flax oil, or Hemp seed oil

Spices: Anything with MSG in it, Nutmeg, or table salt

Sweets: Artificial sweeteners, Dark Chocolate, White sugar

Vegetables: Corn, lentils & Winter squash

Fruits: Blueberries, Cranberries &  Mandarin oranges




FISH OIL – It’s a great all around inflammatory reducer.  That’s because it has an abundance of EPA & DHA (potent anti-inflammatory).  Between what you eat & the vitamins you take, you should be getting about 2,000 mg a day.


GINGER TEA – Ginger helps to stop the inflammation in your blood vessels.  It also eases muscle aches.


PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES They reduce pain, inflammation & swelling. They also support muscles, joints & overall tissue health.  If you’d like to try them, just click the links below to get the best price.  Quite often one of the companies is having a sale.


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Coconut Oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Some of the common foods that cause inflammation are chips, crackers, cookies and processed foods. The reason being, they’re high in omega 6 fatty acids. Also, quite often the wheat they use has been genetically-modified which causes major health problems.



The two exercises for back pain that have helped my lower back the most are:


1.  Yoga – It stops your muscles from tightening up which will reduce your back pain.  It strengthens your stomach & back muscles.  It also increases your blood flow.  Take a look at Amazon’s Top Rated Yoga DVD’s. Click the Amazon link below.


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2.  Walking – It’ll promote bone density, strengthen most major organs in the body & boost your immune system.  Go with a friend to make the time go faster.  There’s really good Dvd’s out there if you just want to do it at home, to begin with.  My favorites are by, Leslie Sansone


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Lower Back Pain TipsWhen it comes to lower back pain, every little bit helps.The more you decrease the foods & liquids that cause Inflammation, the more you decrease your Back Pain.


The more you follow an Anti-inflammatory diet, the quicker your back will heal & get stronger.


For more lower back pain remedies, read my article on, 5 Steps To Relieve Back Pain.

You Can also take a look at, Back Pain Relief Products


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If you know of something that reduces inflammation, that I haven’t listed here, please leave a comment below.

Thanks For Reading my article on Inflammation, PH Balance, And Back Pain.  Do give it a try.  It works for me.

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