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Lower Back Pain AlternativesLower Back Pain Alternatives was established to provide you with suggestions for Lower Back Pain Treatments. This site is also for the people who say they’ve tried everything & they still have back pain.


Keep in mind, just because a back pain product works for one person, doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone.


I lived through Back Pain for quite a few years. I know what it’s like to be frustrated, in pain & taking painkillers every 4 hours. Even worse, I know what it’s like to suffer from the side effects of pharmaceuticals.


Maybe you’re like me, and your doctor informed you, more or less, that you’ll just have to put up with the pain. Don’t take that for an answer. There is an alternative. No one has to just put up with the pain.


Maybe you were told that nothing showed up on your tests — yet you KNOW there’s SOMETHING WRONG? If you’re in pain, there’s something wrong.


I’ve been diagnosed wrong, more than once. Actually, it took going to 3 different doctors to find out what was wrong with my back.


WARNING: Before you get started, I am by no means a Health Care Professional. Lower Back Pain Alternatives does not provide Professional Medical Services or Advice. Before you try anything on this site, read over my DISCLAIMER POLICY. Then, consult your doctor before you try something on this site.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could finally stop saying, “My Back Hurts.


It doesn’t matter if you suffer from Severe Lower Back Pain, Lower Back Muscle Pain or any other back problems? You’ll find only the Best Back Pain Relief Products on this site along with a Detailed Review on each. Only lower back pain alternatives without side effects will ever be listed on this site.


Whenever I hear about a new Back Pain Treatment, I try it first or get someone I know to try it before I list it on this site.




Because I’ve been through this myself, I’ll try to provide you with the following:


Help You To Discover What Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

The Best Lower Back Pain Alternatives To Help Relieve & Cure Your Back Pain

Warn You If a Product Shouldn’t Be Used By A Person With A Particular Health Condition

Help You To Think Positive (unbelievable how much this helps in the healing process. DON’T underestimate it)

Encouragement To NEVER GIVE UP as You Will Find an ALTERNATIVE That Will Work For You

Show You Where To Get The Best Deals On The Back Pain Products I List On My Site.


3 Steps For Severe Low Back Pain




Don’t be like me & waste a lot of time & money trying to fix what I thought was wrong with my back. Follow the 3 steps I have listed below.


1. Make sure you see your doctor first to find out what’s causing your back pain. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, get a second opinion. You don’t want to be wasting time & money trying to heal what you think is wrong with your back. It took the third doctor (third opinion) to find the real reason for my back pain. So what I’m saying is NEVER GIVE UP.


2. Next, read my article on, 5 Steps For Chronic Back Pain Relief. It’s the best place to start while you look for an Alternative Back Pain Treatment that will work for you.


3. You can also read my articles listed on the right-hand side of your screen. Read the detailed reviews I have on numerous Back Pain Products. In each review, I list the types of back pain problems they’ll help.


If you don’t have time, go to Back Pain Relief Products.


I do a comprehensive review of every product I have listed on this site. Like I said earlier, the products listed on Lower Back Pain Alternatives don’t have side effects like pharmaceuticals. If there are people who shouldn’t use one of the products, I always list them & why they shouldn’t use that type of product.




There’s no such thing as a miracle cure for lower back pain. Does it make a difference if your treatment for chronic back pain involves taking two or three alternatives to Relieve and Heal your back? My attitude is, “WHO CARES,” as long as the PAIN GOES AWAY PERMANENTLY?




Always keep in mind that nothing slows up the Healing Process more than Negative Thinking. It’s a well known Scientific Fact that the Mind plays a major role in the process of healing. I’m sure you’ve heard of stories where people were given a placebo & told it would heal their health condition & it did. That’s called MIND OVER MATTER.


When it comes to mind over matter, my favorite method is with, Hypnosis Live’s, Pain Management and Relief.




Please don’t take the following as being rude but the truth is, you only have two choices when it comes to Lower Back Pain Relief. If you want help for your Back Pain, choose the 2nd choice below.



I hope the 6 points listed below, aren’t you. If they are, please change your thinking & Habits now. That’s if you want to live a Pain-Free Life.


Drive Everyone Crazy Talking About How Much Your Back Is Hurting Everytime You See Them.

Don’t Bother Trying Any Lower Back Pain Alternatives & At The Same Time Tell People Nothing Helps

Having the attitude — It probably won’t work anyways

Put Up With The Pain

Put Up With The Side Effects Of Pharmaceuticals

Watch & Feel Yourself Getting Worse



If any of the points in Choice #1 described you, please replace those with the following four points.


Never Give Up

Think Positive. I know, it’s next to impossible when you’re hurting. It’s important that you do because it does speed up the healing process.

Keep trying the different Lower Back Pain Alternatives that I recommend until you find the one that works for you and YOU WILL FIND THAT ONE.

Continually Work Towards Living A Pain-Free Life


Never Give Up On Lower Back Pain Treatment




If one thing doesn’t work, get your money back & try something else. That’s how I healed my back pain. You can too. I’m sure you’d like to go out with your friends & have a good time. Why sit at home when a lower back pain alternative could heal your back.

Help At Lower Back Pain Alternatives

If you’ve tried something, that’s not listed on my site, & it’s helped heal your severe lower back pain, please let me know. Go to, Contact Us, and answer the 5 questions I have listed there. If it worked for you, it might work for someone else. After all, this site is to help others.


I like to try the products I have listed on this site to make sure they’re good quality products & that they do work. If I think they will be of value to my readers, I do a detailed review on it. That’s a review that includes the good along with the bad.


Thanks for dropping by. Come back again soon, as lower back pain treatments are continually being reviewed and added to Lower Back Pain Alternatives.




Darlene B
Founder & CEO
Lower Back Pain Alternatives

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