Products For Back Pain ReliefBack Pain Relief Products are numerous.  Some are great & some are actually a piece of junk.  I check numerous review sites before I list anything on, Lower Back Pain Alternatives.


Almost all of the products listed on this site have been tested by myself or someone I know & trust.  They’re of the best quality & have the highest ratings for 2017.


Keep reading to learn what machine to use for the back condition you have.  If you click on (continue reading)  you’ll get a detailed review on the product & who shouldn’t use the Back Pain Relief Products. 


I’ll also let you know where you can get the BEST PRICE.


Everything is in alphabetical order for your convenience.  The back pain relief products, on this page, are not according to the best first.





ElectrocleanseIn some cases, Back Pain can be caused by Parasites.  If you think this might be the cause of your lower back pain, get your doctor to run tests to make sure you actually do have parasites.


Parasites can cause your joints, muscles or tendons to become inflamed.  The Electrocleanse destroys parasites by using precise electrical frequencies.  Electro Cleanse is also good at destroying bacteria & viruses.


For symptoms to look for,  who shouldn’t use an Electro Cleanse & to get the BEST DEAL, …  Continue Reading.



EMS Health Mate ForeverA Tens Unit or Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) will help to rehabilitate & strengthen your muscles. It relaxes the muscle to ease tension, reduce stress & release the tightness in the muscle.


Find out what type of back pain problem works best with a Tens Unit & when to use an EMS machine. These Lower Back Pain Products are a great help for Lower Back Pain. It’s one of the first things I use. For a detailed review on Tens & EMS, who shouldn’t use one & of course the BEST PRICE, … Continue Reading




Infrared Heating Pad With Jade StoneAn infrared heating pad, especially one made from Jade Stone, is used to reduce the inflammation in your muscles & joints.


Because infrared penetrates the skin up to 3 inches, it soothes, repairs & strengthens your back.


The good thing about an infrared heating pad is, you can use it for other areas of your body that are hurting.  It’s not just for the back.


For a list of health conditions infrared is great for, who shouldn’t use an Infrared Heating Pad & of course the LOWEST PRICE … Continue Reading.




An Inversion Table  is used the realign your spine.  It helps with Lower, Middle & Upper Back Pain. It’s also used to strengthen your joints & ligaments.


Is your back stiff & sore when you get up in the morning?  Does your back seem to tighten up during the day.  An Inversion Table is a great product to stop that.  I use inversion a lot & love it.


For a list of health conditions An Inversion Table will benefit, who shouldn’t use an Inversion Table & THE CHEAPEST PRICE, … Continue Reading


Nubax TrioNUBAX

The Nubax is a machine for Partial Conversion.  It’s for people dealing with Lower Back Pain.  It won’t help your Upper Back.


The Nubax is a Back Stretcher that helps people with compressed discs, pinched nerves, herniated discs & many other things.
For a list of Back Pain Conditions, the Nubax will help, who shouldn’t use the Nubax Trio & the BEST DEAL, … Continue Reading





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Keep checking back as I’ll be doing more reviews of Back Pain Relief Products. 


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